Permitting authorities use SolarAPP+™’s standardized plan review software to work more efficiently

As cities and counties across the United States make bold commitments to curb emissions and deploy more renewable energy resources, SolarAPP+™ will help accelerate this transition.

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Easy to get started

The growing solar market has increased workload on permitting offices nationwide, but typical solar panel systems have also become more common and consistent. SolarAPP+™ is able to streamline this process through an automated and standardized approval process.

Free for jurisdictions

SolarAPP+™ will always be offered to city and county permitting departments at no cost. After initial setup, jurisdictions are able to spend less time with common residential solar panel systems and can devote their resources to other critical needs.

Full support

After the initial onboarding, the system will operate without additional support from your team. SolarAPP+™ will continue to improve, and NREL will provide no-cost updates for code revisions and new technology as they come online.

Our Roadmap

Currently Supported

  • 2017 National Fire Protection Association 70 National Electrical Code (NEC) for rooftop PV permits
  • CA Title 24 Modifications
  • Inspection checklists
  • 2018 I-Codes (International Residential Code and International Building Code) for rooftop PV permits
  • State and local license verification
  • 2017 NEC for residential battery storage permits
  • 2020 NEC for residential rooftop PV and battery storage permits
  • 2021 I-Codes for rooftop PV and residential battery storage permits
  • Residential main panel upgrade permits


  • New home construction permits for rooftop PV and residential storage
  • Roofing integrated PV products
  • All future versions of NEC and I-Codes for each supported technology
  • Reroof permits
  • Multi-family rooftop PV storage permit
  • Solar thermal permits
  • Residential EV charging permits

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IREC training classes

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SolarAPP+™ benefits

An overview of the benefits SolarAPP+™ brings to jurisdictions.


Product demo

View a pre-recorded demo or attend a Tuesday or Thursday live demo.


Eligibility checklist

Explains clearly what solar systems can be permitted using SolarAPP+™.

Sample output

The detailed documentation that SolarAPP+™ produces for every approved project.


How to Adopt

5 steps for a jurisdiction to adopt the platform.