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Safe and affordable home solar through permitting automation.

NREL has launched a collaborative effort with key code officials, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), and the solar industry to develop an instant online solar permitting platform for code compliant residential systems.

SolarAPP (Solar Automated Permit Processing) will:

  • Provide a flexible, web-based PV-permitting tool for residential systems at no-cost to AHJs.
  • Enable standardization of instant permitting processes.
  • Evaluate applications for safety and code compliance.
  • Offer opportunities to incorporate energy storage and expand to other market segments.
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Why SolarAPP

Ensuring Safety

The SolarAPP permitting requirements are based on model codes such as the 2017 National Electrical Code. The embedded, automated compliance evaluation was developed in collaboration with local governments, solar industry leaders, and safety experts including International Code Council, National Fire Protection Association, UL LLC and International Association of Electrical Inspectors.

Efficient Permitting

The growing solar market has increased workload on permitting personnel nationwide.The SolarAPP will reduce this workload, allowing permitting personnel to manage their permitting obligations more efficiently.

More Local Clean Energy

Cities and counties across the U.S. are making bold commitments to curb emissions and deploy renewable energy. SolarAPP will accelerate this transition and increase the amount of local clean energy powering our homes and communities. 

Creating Jobs

Solar is one of the fastest growing industries in the country, employing more than 250,000 people. SolarAPP will support local economies and create thousands of jobs across the country.

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