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Automating Solar Permitting with SolarAPP+™

Safe and affordable home solar through permitting automation

In 2021, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory launched a collaborative effort with key code officials, authorities having jurisdiction, and the solar industry to develop standardized plan review software that can run compliance checks and process building permit approvals for eligible rooftop solar systems.

  • Integrates with existing government software
  • Automates plan review, permit approval, and project tracking
  • Standardizes up to 90% of standard system plans
  • Provides inspection checklist and final sign-off after installation
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For Jurisdictions

Work more efficiently

Residential solar systems are common and consistent these days. This should make jurisdiction reviews easy, but the sheer volume of applications can also be overwhelming. SolarAPP+™ helps make permitting department workload manageable by automatically checking system designs for saftey and code compliance.

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For Installers

Predictable permitting

Improve your customer’s experience and reduce costs with a fast and predictable permitting process. SolarAPP+™ reduces install times, reduces project cancellations, and expands access to renewable energy.

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Powerful and connected

How SolarAPP+™ works

Permitting software specifically designed to help governments and installers with solar permitting and installation

Offering our solar customers a way to self-permit expedites the process.
Carla Blackwell, director of Pima County, AZ Development Services
If I could use SolarAPP+™ to get through 150 PV plans a month, that would be a great relief for my staff.
Steve Jones, Assistant Building Official, City of Oceanside, CA